What We Do

At Edgewood Flooring, we’re committed to creating the world’s most beautiful, durable and desirable wood floors.

  • Floors that explore the infinite variety and natural beauty of real wood.
  • Floors that make bold, distinctive design statements for the contemporary home.
  • Floors that are made to last for a lifetime.

Our product lines, offer a breathtaking variety of premium quality hardwood designs, inspired by the colors and textures of the landscapes from all over the world.

For the connoisseur, Edgewood Flooring presents the it’s Premium Collections: creatively imagined, beautifully designed, highly crafted wood floors that command attention in any setting.

Edgewood Flooring offers a generous selection of genuine wood flooring options at affordable prices – it’s real hardwood, within reach.  Our Floors have been installed in thousands of homes from cottages to condos to modern castles, in varies cities.

Now, we invite you to peruse our collections and find the Edgewood floor that’s a perfect fit for you.


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About Us

Marco Mariani with over 15 years experience performing hardwood installation, he brings with him a wealth of knowledge and talent.

Marco sums up Edgewood Flooring with this statement: “I truly believe that to grow your business you have to earn the respect of the clients you serve. It takes a dedicated business owner who cares and wants to please his clients to be successful. The many kind client letters, referrals and testimonials can largely be attributed to his vision”

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Contact Us

Marco Mariani
Edgewood Flooring Inc.
Ottawa, Ontario
(613) 228-0323


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